Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Choo

He's been my little buddy since the first time I met him. Before I'd even dropped my luggage he was showing me his bubbles and dragging me outside to play with him.

I guess that was our bonding moment because since then he's been my little shadow every time I've gone to visit SSC. We've played football together (he's fearless and unflaggingly optimistic that he can tackle me, his brother, and his uncle despite the fact that everyone is at least twice his size); we've wrestled; we've watched more Power Rangers cartoons than I even knew existed; and I've woken up to find his foot in my face (or in other places even less comfortable) more times than I care to remember.

There's never a day when he fails to make me laugh, and by now we've established a series of games in which he tells me that he ate all of my breakfast (despite the fact that I'm 3,000 miles away), or that he's going to eat me all up. He's also become my extended ring tone in that when he knows I'm calling he'll chase SSC down no matter where she is and will tell her I'm calling in that frenzied way usually reserved only for children who see an ice cream truck approaching.

A few weeks ago he started using SSC's cell phone to call me on a regular basis. I'm not sure that he knows exactly where to hold the earpiece, so the conversations often consist of me saying "Hello? Hello? " and him saying "I can't hear you!" and then shouting "Mom, he hung up!" Inevitably, he hangs up in frustration as I repeat "No, Choo. I'm right here." again and again into the phone. At first I thought he'd been asking SSC to call me so he could talk but then I discovered that he'd learned to read my name and was calling on his own.

Anyway, he's bringing a weekend of birthday celebrations for him to a close by turning four today and I just wanted to write this to wish him the happiest of birthdays.

Happy birthday Choo Choo!