Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Month in Pictures: June 2008

In an effort to save fuel and speed security lines, airline passengers will now be limited to one carry-on bag and can wear nothing but than a pair of briefs while traveling.

A clown was killed in a tragic accident when a pack of balloon animals he'd been selling suddenly turned on him.

Campus police foiled an assassination attempt by Rhode Island School of Design President Roger Mandle against famed cellist Yo Yo Ma.

A motocross rider's attempt to set the world's highest jump record ended abruptly when he collided with a 747.

Police shut down a fashion show after they determined that some models were wearing X-rated clothing.

While the Phoenix Lander has yet to find actual life on Mars, scientists are encouraged its discovery of a discarded sonogram picture.

Doctors say that they have reason to believe that a recent eye infection outbreak may have originated in Switzerland.

A woman who hadn't washed her hair in over six months awoke with a new hairdo after getting caught in a rainstorm during the previous afternoon.

Battle Creek. Michigan residents are still digging out after a machine malfunction at the Post Cereals plant buried the town in an Alpha Bits blizzard.

What began as a playful stunt ended in tragedy after Darth Vader awoke while a vacationing Stormtrooper was trying to bury him in the sand.

Looking for the Cup O' Joe corporate offices? Just bear left when you come to the fork in the river.

Yoga schools reported that as a result of using this picture in their advertising materials, record numbers of men have enrolled their significant others in classes.

A fan's desire to support his team during the recently concluded Euro 2008 Soccer Championships backfired when his friends christened him with the unfortunate and impossible to shake moniker "Ball Face"