Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hit Man

I just learned a valuable lesson while preparing a blog post by looking at my keyword analysis - which shows the search phrases that people use to arrive at my blog. If I ever get desperate for hits (beyond the 2 or 3 that I get each day), all I need to do is write posts containing one of the following three phrases:

Erica Cerra1 nude
Erica Cerra topless
Erica Cerra naked

I have no idea why all of these Erica Cerra seekers wound up at my blog, but now they have a reason. Of course none of the links above actually lead to pictures containing any type of nudity , but I should be up to as many as 10 hits per day in no time!


1 Learn all about Erica Cerra by clicking here or here.2

2 And now you know far more about Ms. Cerra than I do.