Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keywordsmithing - Part II

Here's the rest of yesterday's post in which I took some of the more interesting keyword results from my statcounter and added my commentary (in italics) for each.

I’m guessing it’s in his bottom dresser drawer

care and feeding of sumo wrestlers
Basically it all comes down to a side of beef and some really huge diapers

aromatherapy with coffee grounds
New Age accoutrements on a budget

cartoon character who collects bottlecaps
Yet somehow Bottlecap Jones never quite took off

telescopic baton legal in colorado?
Because they'd allow the majorettes to see for miles!

be kind to captain butler he loves you so
But I told him that I just want to be friends.

Joe Rhett 2008
You experiment for one night and all of a sudden its all over the web

scarlet was so mean to rhett
Probably because she saw the Joe Rhett 2008 video

7 11 plane
Slurpees now included on the beverage cart

ikea mascot
Who doesn't love that Swedish meatball?

i went to the doctor melissa ethridge
From the “Where are they now?” pages

cup o joe jobs
Well, the first one was at a local supermarket called Pathmark…

define cup o' joe
Two words: Crappy blog.

Joe Bran
Now get your crap in a whole new way!

dragonfly "erratic flight pattern"
Which lead to him being pulled over and arrested for FWI

swimming pool massage vest
A relaxing way to spend the summer

mistress jo may
The hillbilly hooker

"not a marrying man" player
Sounds like a good definition of player to me

steve jobs death pool
It’s just like every other death pool, but with a much sleeker design and people wait on line for hours to play.

interval training smartphone
So that’s why it’s so thin!

crystal cove ssc
Best. Memory. Ever.