Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Back...from the Future

Yes, I'm away on vacation but through the magic of technology, I have several blog entries that I wrote and - via the Time Machine (TMTM) that I invented and trademarked - posted in the future.

Now before you get too impressed, you should know that my brilliance at having created the aforementioned TMTM is more than offset by a few things:

(1) I destroyed the TMTM plans so no evildoers could get their hands on it.

(2) In order to conceal the TMTM, I designed it to look like a dumpster. Now I forgot where I parked it. Like a modern day Quantum Leap, I keep jumping into dumpsters hoping that the next jump will lead me to my time machine. So far I've only succeeded in angering homeless people and rats.

(3) I can't rebuilt it because...well....see item 1 so I won't be able to amass wealth beyond my wildest dreams.

(3) I forgot to grab copies of the daily papers, which would have enabled me to amass wealth beyond my more modest dreams through (a) betting on sporting events and (b) becoming a network news pundit.

That being said, it was interesting and somewhat disappointing to learn that life a week from today (And by that I mean today my time, which refers to August 25, 2008, the date this was written.) is almost exactly as it is today. There are no flying cars. People are still wandering around with iPhones and iPods. Fashions are almost exactly the same.

Really the only major difference between now (my time) and now (your time) was the astounding revelation that...well....I suppose I don't have to tell you what it was. By now it's been all over the news for days, but let's be honest. Who didn't see that one coming?