Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cough Drop-lets

As I hastily downed my breakfast this morning -- yogurt with granola if you must know -- I paused for a much needed jolt of caffeine. I had raised the cup to my lips and was allowing the beverage wind its way down my throat and eventually into my bloodstream...when some of it decided to take a detour into my windpipe, presumably to see what was happening in my lungs. The resulting coughing fit probably wouldn't have been a problem had I possessed the foresight to lower the cup before launching into it.

The resulting blowback splattered coffee all over my office, including on my computer monitor, my keyboard, the papers on my desk and most disturbingly, on my freshly laundered shirt and tie.

As I grabbed baby wipes from my assistant's desk and began scrubbing my shirt and tie before heading off to a meeting looking like I'd showered with my clothes on, I reflected on three things:
1. I really should keep a backup shirt and a selection of ties in an empty drawer in my office.

2. For the remainder of the day I would carry the aroma of baby wipes and freshly brewed coffee, thereby making me irresistibly appealing to any exhausted women who happen to have infants at home.

3. The next time I need a caffeine fix, I need to make sure to specify that I want coffee as opposed to coughee.