Thursday, September 25, 2008

Week in Pictures: Shades of Grey Edition

Random Thoughts:

What was I thinking when I joined an autumn softball league - particularly one that plays weeknight doubleheaders that begin at 9 p.m.? By the second game, the bats are so cold that it hurts to hit. Even worse, by the time the games are over, it's too cold and too late to drink.

$700 billion is an awful lot of money. I hope our great-grandchildren can afford it.

For many reasons, I'm not at my best today so I apologize in advance for a less-than-stellar WiP.

But let's move on to it regardless:

What looked to be an epic battle between Jedi and Empire forces turned into a huge disappointment when neither side could adequately manage their new long-range light sabers.

Ocean Spray is sponsoring a Chinese dance troupe's world tour on the express condition that they stage all of their performances in cranberry bogs.

The late Freddy Mercury, former lead singer of Queen, was successfully reanimated via a stunning new medical procedure involving synthetic blood and Lego blocks.

Moses thrilled spectators this weekend by holding back a wall of water for an astounding 72 hours.

New 3-D sonograms allow parents-to-be to more effectively bond with their unborn children.

In sports, Jakkrit Punthong of Thailand missed out on a chance to win the long-jump when a jealous rival tripped him just prior to takeoff.

Meanwhile, New York Met fans have begun jumping from the bleachers as they watch their team's second annual September end-of-season collapse.

Advertisement: Ladies - Wondering what to get the man in your life for the holidays this year?

Speaking of effective advertising, I saw these on eBay and ordered a set. Imagine my surprise when all I received was a pair of beer steins.

HA HA HA HA...ha. Erm...sorry.

Production began this week on the Goth version of the Wizard of Oz.

HDTV is already in danger of becoming obsolete with the development of new TVs that come with built-in actors.

A local couple divorced last week after the husband went outside to paint the house and discovered that his wife had effectively bankrupted them by buying shoes and hiding them from him.

Britney Spears took home three awards at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, continuing her comeback...

From her failed marriage to Kevin Federline.

Kim Kardashian was forced to withdraw from Dancing with the Stars when her partner completely tore his groin muscles while trying to spread his legs wide enough to fit around her ass.