Thursday, October 09, 2008

How to Loathe Yourself in One Day

I'd hate to have your job.
I hate my job, too sometimes...

Layoffs are the bane of any HR professional's existence. It's a dirty, ugly, and thankless part of the job that makes you want to go home and shower until your skin is raw and then get drunk in the hopes of forgetting the role you've played in ruining people's lives.

I don't know how you do it.
Neither do I.

It doesn't matter if it impacts a handful of people or a sizable portion of your workforce. These are people you see and speak with every day. You know their stories like you know your own. You've chatted about their families and friends and vacations. You know how they spend their weekends and what their plans are for the future. These are people that you genuinely like and that you greatly enjoy working with. They've confided in you work challenges and who have

I couldn't sleep at night if I had to do what you do.
What makes you think I'm able to sleep?

A sizable portion of the people you speak with cry when you tell them. Some do it quietly, allowing the tears to stream down their face. Others sob uncontrollable. The worst discussions are like bad breakups. "Why me?" they ask. "I'll do anything. I'll take a pay cut. Just please don't do this." they plead. Each word is like a knife in the chest. You don't feel sorry for yourself - after all, you'll still have a job tomorrow - but your heart breaks for them.

I guess you get used to it after so many years but...
No, you don't.