Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not Very Politic

The other day Crys called the blog world to task for the plethora of political posts (though, fortunately, not for an abundance of alliteration). Being guilty of writing just such a post the other day, I thought I'd write about things that interest her. Fortunately for me, she was kind enough to provide the topics for discussion when she wrote "Wouldn't you rather talk about boobies? Sex? The Mysterious And Potentially Real Yeti? How about life on other planets? Because that shit intrigues me."

Why yes, Crys. I would love to talk about those things.

Boobies - Three words: I. Love. Them.

Unless they're on a man, of course. Otherwise, I'm a huge fan. I mean, what's not to love? They're pure, unadulterated fun for men of all ages. I do, however, seem to lack Grant's refined taste (for further details see pretty much every comment Grant writes) in these matters as I have no size restrictions. Frankly, I'm just happy whenever I see 'em.

Sex - What a coincidence. I love this too! As is the case with Boobies, I'm a huge fan. I even hope to one day experience it again!

The Mysterious and Potentially Real Yeti - First, it would be excellent if Yeti were found to actually exist. Of course, it would likely be only a matter of time before we messed with them to the point that they were either extinct or otherwise endangered. As for their likes and dislikes, I'd like to think that they, too, are in favor of boobies and sex.

I also believe that The Mysterious and Potentially Real Yeti would be a great name for a band. I can almost see the MaPRY t-shirts now.

Life on Other Planets - I have a theory that other planets are populated solely by Yetis and that the females spend all of their time fending off the advances of males asking to (1) see their boobies and (2) have sex with them.

So, in summary, I have to get back to work now.