Monday, November 03, 2008

The Month in Pictures:

Random End-Of-Month Thoughts:

It's a measure of my maturity - or lack thereof - that my favorite part of the day on Friday was calling people "Halloweenies"

Spent part of Saturday at my sister's new house helping my brother-in-law tear down paneling...and you thought your life was boring?!?

The holiday skating rink is up at Bryant Park and the shops and restaurant will open shortly - the first

Ran 5 miles again yesterday and it was (slightly) easier than last week. In contrast, my friend finished yesterday's NYC marathon in 3 hours 48 minutes, or an average of about 8:48 per mile, so I'm not all that proud of running 1/5 as far at roughly the same rate.

I've volunteered again to assist at the Starlight Starbright Celebrity Sports Auction at Madison Square Garden this evening. It's one of my favorite events and the kids are too adorable.

Anyway, let's move on to the MiP:

Desperate for to make up ground as the Presidential race winds down, Sen. McCain has resorted to following Sen. Obama around making faces behind his back.

Meanwhile, an overconfident Sen. Obama has begun traveling around the country posting to show exactly how he'd like the eventual statues of him to look.

Officials in Southern California believe they've hit on an ingenious plan to end the traffic jams by incenting people to drive more quickly.

Shooting began on the remake of Field of Dreams in which deceased soccer stars Ferenc Puskas, Stanley Matthews, and Lev Yashin emerge from the fog into the back yard of an American man who has no idea who they are. By the end of the movie, he still has no idea who they are.

Police are on the lookout for a wild pumpkin that has been blamed in the deaths of several small dogs.

The Royal Cat Competition ended this week with the traditional "Best Mouser" competition.

A man was fired from his job after he misunderstood a phrase in a planning meeting and spent his entire departmental budget creating low hanging fruit.

Rumor has it that Madonna's marriage first hit the rocks when she opened her legs and one of her dancers fell out.

The 2009 Bank Robber fashion show featured daring designs for the discriminating thief.

Continuing the time-honored tradition of troubled celebrity offspring two Muppet children were arrested this week on drug possession charges.

The animal porn industry is bracing for a killer weekend at the box office with the release of two expected blockbusters: "Eat my Nuts"...

...and Peter, Peter Pumpkin ****er.

An inventor has created a hat that indicates the relative temperature. As soon as he's able to correct a few spelling errors and it'll be ready for production.

And finally, God announced today that He is scrapping His broad-based communication strategy in favor of more targeted messages.d