Thursday, January 08, 2009

2009: Word of the Year (So Far)

I love words.

Drop a word like palliative or persnickety or plethora into a conversation and I'm in heaven. And those are just the 'p' words...

Anyway, as much as I enjoy real words, sometimes made up ones are even more fun.

For example, my recent favorite is "overchicked" which, according to the always helpful Urban Dictionary is used when a not-so-good-looking guy lands a chick that's way more attractive than he is.

Erm...I could use it in a sentence, but I think the picture on the right is worth the proverbial. Note her pulchritude and his complete lack thereof.

Okay, I'll stop 'p'-ing now. Ha, Ha, Ha...ugh...sorry.

Now as much as I enjoy saying "overchicked," I can't help but to wonder why they didn't go with something like "Upchicked" or "Upchicking" both of which would give me the opportunity to giggle like a schoolgirl chuckle whenever I said them. I guess instead of complaining about it, I should just start making up my own random words. Either that or begin my amuse-bouche campaign anew.

On a related note, favorite "real" word at the moment is internecine. It's amazing how often you can use that in a typical work day, especially if you work in HR.

But let's hope that none of you have to actually work in HR because, let's be honest, that's when you know you've hit bottom.