Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Blotto Luck

More in my continuing email correspondence with strangers who insist on trying to give me money:

Your Email Won!

Important Information,Please your urgent response is needed. It is a Pleasure to inform you through this medium that your email address won a prize of 450,000.00 Euro in category B'Lotto Shop Award,

Reference number:AD/GU888/68/06.NH
LUCKY NUMBER: ES1242676578
PROMOTION DATE: 9th Feb 2009.

Your full Names:

For the immediate release of your funds, you are to provide the following details to our agent.

Contact Person:Mr.Frank Dorek.
Tel: +34 691 955 349

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs.Laura Andaluss.

Dear Laura,

I'm writing on behalf of my email address which, once again, seems to have stumbled into a vast sum of money. As you can imagine, it's been pretty much "Blotto" since winning £891,934.00 a few weeks back, but I had no idea that it could be so lucrative. Had I known, I would have entered myself since it seems to involve two of my favorite things: getting drunk and winning lots of money. I'm not too fond of the shopping part, but I'd be willing to make the sacrifice for the chance to win €450,000.

By the way, feel free to cut and paste the Euro symbol that I've included here in future correspondence with me and any other lucky winners so that you don't need to keep typing the word "euro."

On a side note, I have to commend my email address for choosing such a unique lucky number. Mine is '2' and I can't imagine that it would have stood a chance of winning your drawing. It just goes to show that computers are becoming smarter than people these days.

Let me also compliment you on the clever way that you have chosen to weed out the people who simply skim the email and don't comply with your instructions. I'll bet most of them send their full names, telephone, and age - which is a sure way to set themselves up for scams should a dishonest person intercept the email exchange. Instead, I will comply with your request as written which states that "For the immediate release of your funds, you are to provide the following details to our agent"

So here you go:

Contact Person:Mr.Frank Dorek.

Tel: +34 691 955 349


Very slick...

Finally, as the recently appointed agent for my e-mail address, I will require that you pay me 10% of the amount won, which comes to €45,000, before we continue our correspondence. Please wire the money immediately via Western Union and email me again when it is ready. Once I've received the money, I will provide you with whatever additional information required in order to ensure that my e-mail address receives the balance of its winnings.


Your Friend,