Thursday, February 12, 2009


Random Thursday Thoughts

I Suppose It's Preferable to Someone Who Isn't Carrying One...
Exactly how badly would you need to use the restroom before you chose to follow in behind a person who is carrying a newspaper and a can of air freshener spray?

Junk in her...bonus?
A friend of mine called the other day irate about the way her company is handling her bonus, which in general would exceed $1 million. Due to abysmal results, the bonuses were cut to $700,000 - or slightly less than my e-mail earns on a given day. which already upset her. (clearly she and I inhabit entirely different worlds)

What pushed her over the edge, though, was that the maximum cash people at her level will receive is $100,000. The rest (and I love this part) will be paid in toxic assets. The general thinking is "you helped create this so if you want to get paid you'll need to fix it."

Pretty interesting, and admirable, approach I think.

But Where's the Booty?
It's extremely windy outside today, which means building in which I work is creaking loudly. It's like trying to work into he hold of a pirate ship.

Assuming, of course, that pirate ships had HR departments.