Friday, February 06, 2009

Random Friday Thoughts

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day. Unless I get bored with this or run out of thoughts - both of which are a distinct possibilities:

It Depends on Your Definition of All-Nighter
Yesterday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid vowed to work "through the night" to find a compromise that would allow a successful vote on President Obama's proposed economic stimulus plan.

They quit at 8:30 p.m.

Hold On...The Smaller One Wins?
According to the Wall Street Journal, a bipartisan group of senators set their goal of getting the stimulus bill down to $800 billion after Senators Collins and Nelson met with President Obama and were told the package needed to be at least that large in order to give the economy a boost.

So, as usual in politics, it's all just a matter of sitting around and comparing the size of their packages.

Does This Count as a Fetish?
As I noted on Jen's blog this morning, I seem to have developed a habit lately of sitting with my hand on the cover, lost in thought for a few minutes, whenever I finish a really good book. Then when I see the same book in a store, I almost always reach out to touch it.

Erm...the book, I mean.


In Movies as in Life...
Roger wrote a review of The Lost Weekend last week and it made me realize what I love about movies is that there's always someone worse off than me.

Though sometimes you have to watch an awful lot of them before you find that person.

On the Bright Side, the Homeless Shelters are Well-Appointed
Sometimes I forget how expensive it is to live here and then I read something like this.