Friday, April 24, 2009

Week in Pictures: The Return Edition

Random Friday Thoughts:

Softball season starts on Sunday. First double header should be over by 10:30. First beer should be popped by 10:31.


It's been so long that I'm not really sure that I remember how to do this WiP thing, but here goes:

After was Maddona was singled out by PETA for wearing a fur blouse, it was revealed that the blouse was not animal fur, but was made of 100% Muppet, prompting a second wave of protests from PETM.

Speaking of Muppets, our "where are they now" item focuses on Elmo. The adorable infant is all grown up now and training for the space program and NASA.

Groundhog Day took an unexpected twist for Punxsutawney Phil when his handler gave him an impromptu prostate exam.

A toad seeking to break the amphibian push up record fell short when he was tragically struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Here you go Grant.

A woman frustrated by her husband's repeated claims that he lost track of time erected this sculpture in his favorite pub. Sadly, she seems to have neglected to synchronize them.

This just in...the amphibian police just moved in and arrested the man they believe was behind the hit-and-run accident that we told you about moments ago.

An overexcited father-to-be was fired at his job for bringing in his wife's egg to show that he had, indeed, fertilized it.

I really should take up golf this summer.

Researchers have uncovered compelling evidence that a bird in the hand is, in fact, worth more than two in the bush largely because the ones in the bush cost a fortune to feed.

Meanwhile, Greek scientists are conducting a study to determine if there is use in crying over spilled milk.

A recent spike in alcoholism among deer is being attributed to the stress brought on by hunting season.

And finally, drug testing in babies may become more prevalent now that they've found a way to get them to pee in a cup.