Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hortons: Here's a Who...

I only have a few moments to post, so I'll make this quick.

A few months back I came upon some information that indicated the Canada would soon invade the U.S. and I immediately stopped blogging and went underground to join the resistance. It's been a long and difficult struggle and thus far we've made little headway while those crafty Canadians have begun prepping our country for their takeover by exporting cold air masses to lower the summer temperatures in the Northeast - where our intelligence indicates they'll strike first. The second wave began this week when they began stealthily replacing Dunkin Donuts franchises with Tim Hortons. Most Americans remain blissfully unaware of the scheme, and by the time they realize what's happening, our temperatures will be reported in Celsius and their children will be asking to go "Oootside to play."

I'm urging you to fight back fellow bloggers. Don't sit idly by while this happens.

I fear that staying on line too long will allow the Mounties to triangulate our position, so I must sign off now. I'll write again when I'm able.

Stay strong.